Adopt a Speaker Program

Located on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, CTEC has provided a sense of peace from the threat of a future disaster for the thousands of people that survived the '04 tsunami. Whether they live in hearing distance of the tsunami warning speakers or they call in to the 24/7 tsunami warning hotline, the CTEC officers are committed to ensuring that their community will be prepared for a future tsunami disaster.

The possibility of expanding the reach of the tsunami-warning signal is as simple as installing additional speakers to the current system. CTEC's "Adopt a Speaker" program makes this possible. A contribution of $550.00 enables the CTEC officers to add and maintain an additional speaker to the current line of speakers | bringing the warning signal to thousands of people that still live in fear of a future tsunami.

For information on making a contribution today, contact
Doug Kennedy at doug@communitytsunamiwarning.com



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