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Who We Are
Happy Hearts Fund provides a brighter future where natural disaster created misery. In the period of time after a natural disaster when first response is completed we bridge the gap to post disaster recovery. HHF identifies schools that have been devastated and are located in communities of significant need. By rebuilding these schools, providing IT tools and sustainable opportunities we have seen children, families and entire communities become empowered and uplifted.

HHF's goal is brighter and empowered future for children now and for generations to come.

What We Do
HHF leverages available resources through the formation of strategic partnerships with companies, other NGO's and governments enabling us to keep our overhead low and program output high ensuring optimal program to expense ratios.Our programs have 3 key components, education, technology and sustainability.

We identify areas where children's education has been adversely effected by a natural disaster and that lack the resources necessary to rebuild. Once a school has been identified, working with our local partners, area contractors are consulted and plans are drawn. All or part of the school may need rebuilding which is completed with materials allowing the new school to withstand a possible recurrence of the disaster. In many instances, and to ensure all needs are provided for, we also supply suitable width='100%' electricity, water, safety and sanitation.

We provide scholarships for children to attend and achieve in an accelerated school environment better preparing them for their advanced degrees. A values and ethics workshop has be created which we've begun integrating into the curriculum of select schools. Additional courses and programs will be added to each school over time. In addition to providing the children with a safe, clean, healthy and fun environment to learn, we've seen our schools serve as a stabilizing positive force for communities as they return and rebuild.

Each school we build is provided with a state of the art computer lab. Labs typically have up to 50 computers with culturally specific age appropriate software affording the children maximum benefit. Many labs are also equipped with comfortable work stations, colourful designs that adorn the room, printers and other tech needs. Additionally, IT professionals provide training and instruction to designated teachers and all ongoing maintenance needs are fulfilled.

HHF establishes a small business or other venture to provide funds for ongoing maintenance, long term growth of the school and children. Parents receive a wage for their new job and the community is empowered by giving them a vested interest in their school. Our initiatives are very well received by parents, schools, communities and area officials.

Your help is changing lives today, the future of thousands of children and the history of their communities. These results are priceless! Thank you to you!
Visit us at: www.happyheartsfund.org


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