The Third Wave Documentary

"The Third Wave is truly a must see, for ourselves our children and for everyone we know. It inspires the very best in us, just when we need that the most, and comes as close to answering our purpose in life more than any other film in my most recent memory." SEAN PENN

After the 2004 tsunami strikes South East Asia, humanitarian's Alison Thompson and Oscar Gubernati decide to fly to Sri Lanka to volunteer for two weeks. They leave home on a donated airline ticket with a few hundred dollars and the will to help. They took with them a little video camera hoping to later hold a fundraiser to bring funds back to the area. Along the way they meet Donny Paterson, an ex army engineer from Australia and Bruce French, a chef from Colorado, who also had the same desire to help. The four of them rent a van, fill it with food, water and medicines and start driving down the coast. Along the way they find a destroyed village which has been wiped out by a 40-foot wave and a passing train which has over turned, killing 2000 people. They stop to help the village and a two-week journey turns into a two year adventure as they decide to stay and run a refugee camp for over 3000 people. The Third Wave chronicles the first six months of their journey and the villagers slowly begin to turn against them when the worlds donated tsunami money doesn't materialize. The film shows us the process of helping people is a complicated task while at the same time anyone can do it. The film reveals the difficulties and joys of volunteering and how they push on breaking every rule in the 'Disaster Aid Books' showing us that "Everyone is Needed".
During their stay Alison Thompson, Dr. Novil and Volunteer James Ellis create a Community Tsunami Early-warning center called CTEC which protects the surrounding villagers from another tsunami. It is run by 8 officers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year linked to a speaker system set up around throughout the surrounding villages.

The Third Wave film was shown to Petra Nemcova, the supermodel who had her fiance killed in the tsunami and she in turn showed it to actor Sean Penn, who took it to the 2008 Cannes film festival. There he arranged a special Presidential Jury screening where it received a twenty-minute standing ovation by a sold out audience. Attendees included Sean Penn, Bono, Michael Moore, Natalie Portman and the entire Cannes jury. The Third Wave has been winning awards all over the world from: Tribeca film festival, Sydney film festival, Tokyo International film festival, Monaco, Toronto, South Asia, Colorado, Los Angeles and many more.
The Third Wave story could be set in any disaster and it is Alison and Oscar's hope to encourage volunteerism in our own communities. The film was made to keep the attention on the tsunami cause and any funds raised from the film will go back to the tsunami affected area and to support CTEC, which is the Community Tsunami Early-warning center. The Third Wave will be opening in Los Angles, New York, Honolulu, and then continuing on to theaters throughout the country

For further information on screenings please go to thethirdwavemovie.com.

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